Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On gangstalking

Hello people

This is my first blog, so let's begin! My name is Szymon, I am 37 years old and live in Poland. I like hiking in the mountains and in my home region, cross-country skiing and sailing. My home region is located in the north-western part of Poland, near the German border. It is a beautiful, hilly part of the country, with many lakes and woods.
The reason why I created this blog is that I am being gang stalked and wanted to share my experience and exchange opinions on that matter. Gang stalking becomes an increasingly frequent phenomenon, so for other people being gang stalked, don't ever give up and believe the lies you are told, because YOU are stronger! Don't believe you are of minor value, because that is exactly what the stalkers want you to think. You are being stalked just because of the opposite, because you are the better ones! You are the only thing that counts in this rotten world, if you give up, there will be no place worth living at all. That's all for now, good night:)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Some images

Below are some images, which describe, who may be responsible for gang stalking. Almost all taken in Poland..

Picture taken at South-West of Poland, Lower Silesia. Looks like a dragon?

Photobucket Drivers school in Szczecin, Poland. Notice the name and logo.

Photobucket A picture taken at the town, where I worked a while ago. That is what I saw when I looked out of my window.

Photobucket A piece of software I used at my workplace. See the world in a spiders web? The impertinence is unbelievable.

Photobucket Anyone wants a chip? My last place of work...

Photobucket Polish "beauty".. Rather primitive, notice the hand sign.

Photobucket Picture taken in Potsdam, Germany: black devil.

Doesn't he look like a so called "grey"?

Photobucket Rather demonic kind of beauty...

Photobucket Picture taken in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Would you like to meet him at night?

Photobucket Fallen, one could say.. Also from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Notice the red sprayed eyes.

Photobucket Ljubljana, Slovenia. Red eyes again. One meeting with this guy and you vomit:) Glad I haven't met this something in person.

Photobucket No comment..

Photobucket Ljubljana, Slovenia. Snake symbol.

Photobucket Snake again?

Photobucket E-mail to a polish boat charter. Wanna contact a nephilim?

Photobucket Polish "satanek". Another "joke"?

Photobucket Where is this one coming from?

Photobucket Devil's children having fun?

Photobucket Alien face again...

 photo Zdjcie-0002-1.jpg Blaspheming nun, advertising a price comparison service. Notice the evil face.

 photo plakat2.jpg I do not kill. I do not steal. I do not believe.

 photo 11563153_zps6dd321e3.jpg

You do not believe in God? You are not alone.

 photo Zdjecie-0005_zps1ade3a68.jpg Succubus on a shop window.

 photo Zdjecie-0012_zps7b1442da.jpg The girl looks very "reptilian", dinosaur-like.

 photo 1111_zps13c61fcf.jpg Someone likes dinosaurs.

 photo 111_zps200da9c6.jpg That is how artificial life looks like.

 photo Zdjecie-0011_zps46340922.jpg The father of the (polish) tares.

 photo 100_0936_zps154dc74c.jpg The eye symbol in my hometown church.

 photo steczkowska_zps681fc2b1.jpg A polish singer showing the forbidden sign.

 photo wierzbicka_zps2c507c95.png Another actress showing the forbidden sign.

 photo Zdjecie-0002_zps2e54be2b.jpg Real vampire, unbelievable.